The first leg is complete.

Packed up and on the road by 6:00am; weather and traffic were plain-out benevolent.  I opted for I-90 — I am happy to pay money to avoid the vitriolic snarl that is Connecticut. But even the tolls are generous — Mass Turnpike to Buffalo for $16.30???  I love this country!

Driving civility returned as soon as I hit New York.  Drivers in the far-left lane merge right once they pass slower traffic. No one buzzes by at 20 miles over the speed limit on your right. Assured Cleared Distance by drivers on all sides.  General cruising speed stays around 7 miles over the speed limit, with no tailgating.  I feel relaxed and happy.

No mix CDs today — my head is full of thought.  I drive and think and watch.

Lunch (packed) eaten at a “text area” next to a river three-quarters of the way through NY, and the water smells funny to me. 🙂  I never realized how the salt air insinuates itself across Rhode Island. This air smells flat and vaguely of cow manure.

12 hours on the road —  I was fine the first three, impatient hours 4-6, got my second wind for hours 7 and 8, and found my inner Driving Diva the last four.  Arrived in Akron, OH, in great time, completely ecstatic to spend time with a friend I have not seen in 6 years.  *SO* happy to be here.

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